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Promotional Event of Ktm Walks was Held at Kilagha

Along with the Kathmandu trinale art festival, promotional activities of ktm walks was held on Itumbahal of Killagal on Friday, 24th march, 2017 by the Ktm walks team. “KTM Walks” is a campaign to reclaim the streets occupied by vehicles and promote walking and cycling. The goal is to build more livable and humane city. The objective of the campaign is to restrict vehicles to enter the certain stretch, and the space is exclusively provided for the people so that they can enjoy the freedom of movement. Due to road digging work of Melamchi drinking water project at Killagal, the campaign has been halted since few months. However, the promotional activities like street flash mob, games, face paintings, concert, food stalls, drama and exhibition was organized on the big courtyard of Killagal, Itumbahal. Such activities make the place vibrant and livable sharing the objective of the campaign at the same time. In order to aware the people on importance of walking and cycling to reduce air pollution; a drama on air pollution was also displayed during the event.

Various scenarios causing air pollution was showed in the drama. The perspective of indoor air pollution which still exists at many rural areas of Nepal like burning of firewood and its impact was demonstrated in the drama. Solution like usage of bio-gas to reduce indoor air pollution was discussed and demonstrated by the actors. Similarly, causes of outdoor air pollution in urban areas like burning of wastage, vehicle emission, dust from road construction along with the impacts on roadside vendors, local residents and tourist were shown during the act. The act also displayed the views of policy makers like minister and role of media in raising the issues of air pollution. The drama ended with the narration regarding the possible solutions like management of solid waste instead of burning, prioritizing non –motorized transport like walking and cycling, sustainable low carbon transport and maintenance of greenery for mitigation of air pollution. Messages like Clean air right comes along with the responsibility for maintaining clean air from individual level was delivered by the drama.

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