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Call for Clean Air Ambassadors



Motorbikes/Scooters comprise 80% of Nepal’s vehicle fleet. In Kathmandu, 1-2% of total motorbikes are high emitters. Such small sub population emits ~50% primary PM2.5 from motorbikes. The motorbikes exhaust emission study conducted by ICIMOD on 56 motorcycles/scooters before and after routine servicing showed that the standard service offered at local repair workshops (i.e., oil change, filter cleaning, and carburetor check) can substantially reduce PM2.5 emission.

 Based on the baseline study, CEN/CANN in collaboration with ICIMOD is going to conduct “A Campaign for reducing the PM2.5 emission from the Motorbikes”. The purpose of the Campaign is ‘to aware the motorbike riders/commuters about the fact that regular servicing of motorbikes improves fuel economy, increase motorbike mileage and helps to reduce air pollution.’ The Campaign will be conducted in the month of November, 2017. 

 For this campaign, we are looking for 30 energetic Clean Air Ambassadors of different academic background. 



  Selected Clean Air Ambassadors will be responsible for the following activities

 ·   Involve in the street awareness campaign (observation of high emitter motorbikes, distribution of discount coupons, follow-up of discount coupons)

·    Assist during the College Awareness Campaign

·    Pamphlet Distribution on selected locations



One month (November, 2017)



Interested and Enthusiastic Youths studying in Bachelors/Masters who wants to contribute for better air quality.   



Complete the Online Application Form by using your google account



30th September, 2017


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