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KTM WALKS; A Public Event to Promote Vehicle Free Zone

Since the first event of KTM WALKS, several clubs and youth groups are organizing a series of campaign to promote the importance of “vehicle free core area” in the valley. On January 13th  and 27th  Kilagal Cultural Committee together with Uniglobe Centre for Entrepreneurship and other local group organized a Dhime Baajan Competition, Cultural Program in Itumbhaa and No-Go Zone in Kilagal. KTM Walks has a history of conducting similar No-Vehicle campaign and promoting sustainable mobility throughout the city including Kilagal. Thus, Clean Energy Nepal along with Resource Centre for Primary Health Care and Kathmandu Metropolitan City actively represented KTM Walks in the program with various promotional activities such as Face Painting, Dart Game and Poster Display. 

Face Painting and Dart Game was targeted to children wherein the activities were not only fun but informative as well. Colored sketches of cultural significance such as the Dhime Baja, Dhinya and Flag of Nepal were quite popular. In the game of Darts; Inner BullsEye was labeled Walking and Outer Bullseye was labeled Cycling and the arrows hitting these spots were rewarded with a special gift. Double and Triple Ring were labeled Private Vehicles and were not rewarded thus discouraging the use of private vehicles. Informative posters were displayed to sensitize the public on urban mobility. The day was vibrant with traditional Newari Culture echoing through musical instruments, dance, attires and food. Our involvement was aimed to promote non-motorized transport and to raise awareness against haphazard parking. The promotional events were such as to compliment the culture and also promote sustainable mobility to the people present.

A large number of people attended this event and a crowd was seen in the stall throughout the program. Children of all ages were keen to participate and a fair number of adults were going through the informative display of posters. 

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