PROGRAMS Energy & Climate Change

Strengthening the role of NSAs to influence climate change negotiations

The project aims to bridge the existing knowledge gap among the major climate change stakeholders in Nepal and facilitate a process of informing, empowering and influencing Nepalese people and the government to take effective actions towards addressing climate change and its impacts.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to climate change adaptation and mitigation in Nepal. The specific objective is: Non State Actors (NSAs) in Nepal have increased capacity to engage in national, regional and global decision-making processes related to climate change and to influence policies. 

: Clean Energy Nepal as a secretariat of Climate Change Network Nepal (CCNN) is coordinating the project activities in Nepal. OXFAM and European Union financially support this project.


Project coverage 

Activities: the major activities under this project are

  · Organize community level orientation in Nepal on NAPA and community based climate change adaptation: 24 orientation

  · Organize national consultation with NSA on country position on climate change negotiations before Conference of Parties (COP) and intercessions

  · Organize regular consultation with the climate change negotiators every year

  · Organize roundtable every year with key government, private sector and civil society stakeholders on climate change policies and programmes

  · Organize Pre COP/Post COP Briefing/Debriefing every year

  · Organize Climate Change Adaptation fairs  

: These activities have been instrumental in scaling up climate change debates and discourses in Nepal with engagement of wider stakeholders and expanded outreach from community to the global negotiations level.