PROGRAMS Water & Sanitation

Clean Water Campaign

Project Area: Kathmandu Valley

Project Duration: June 2006 to Sep 2006

Project Background

Clean Energy Nepal in close collaboration with ENPHO completed "Clean Water Campaign 2006" under Water and Sanitation Education Program starting from 15th June 2006 till end of September 2006. The major objective of the program was to provide knowledge on Point of use drinking water treatment technologies in Kathmandu valley along with promotion of PIYUSH (Chlorination Solution) in Kathmandu valley.

 Project Activities:
  1. Lecture series in 25 schools on Point of use water treatment technologies
  2. Mobile Exhibition at various public spots of Kathmandu valley under the theme of Clean Drinking Water.
Project Outputs:
  • More than 5000 students from 25 different schools of Kathmandu valley gained knowledge on point of use drinking water treatment technologies
  • PIYUSH (Chlorination Solution) was promoted to mass public in Kathmandu valley.
  • Environment and Public Health Organization
  • Nepal Water Supply Corporation