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Maskmandu III: I Love My Lungs

Maskmandu III: I Love My Lungs

Rally participants during the final day of Maskmandu III on 14th February 2018

  1. Maskmandu III: I Love My Lungs

    Rally participants during the final day of Maskmandu III on 14th February 2018

  2. Maskmandu III : I Love My Lungs

    A garland of collected human masks from the demonstrators was put around symbolic Prime Minister portraying the silence of the Government regarding the current situation of air pollution during the demonstration at Ratnapark on 14th February 2018.

  3. Kathmandu Sustainable Urban Mobility Forum-VI

    The 6th Kathmandu Sustainable Urban Mobility Forum: Need of Vehicle Fuel Policy was organized on 15th August 2017. The annual flagship event of CEN focuses to bring the stakeholders together to initiate policy dialogue and collaboration on sustainable urban mobility and better air quality in the Valley. The program was supported by United Nation Environment Program.

  4. Inter-School Art Competition

    Student participated in Inter-School Art Competition entitled Solution to Air Pollution.

  5. Regional Workshop on “Nepal’s National Adaptaion Plan (NAP) Process and Progress”

    The newly elected Mayor of Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City, Dr. Dhawal Samsher Rana addressing the Regional Workshop on “Nepal’s NAP Process and Progress” in Nepalgunj jointly organized by CEN and Ministry of Population and Environment (MoPE) supported by the Southern Voices under the Joint Principles of Adaptation (JPA II).

Event News

  • MASKMANDU III : I Love My Lungs

    Air pollution is highly pronounced in the air of Kathmandu Valley and Valley residents have suffered its consequences for a long time. Concerned voices continue to rise from all sectors time and again amidst formulation of policies and actions to address the problem by the Government. However, immediate collective action is highly essential from the government and general public by taking into account the severity of the problem. Realizing the need of common effort, a week long MASKMANDU 3 was launched with the theme “Ma” this year. Ma (म) i.e Me; My Responsibilities to ensure My Clean Air Rights is concerned with everyone rising from their individual levels and contributing to combat the serious battle that air pollution is. Coherent with the slogan “I Love My Lungs” for the event, it aims to promote various “म” activities that can help in improving the air quality.

  • KTM WALKS; A Public Event to Promote Vehicle Free Zone

    Since the first event of KTM WALKS, several clubs and youth groups are organizing a series of campaign to promote the importance of “vehicle free core area” in the valley. On January 13th and 27th Kilagal Cultural Committee together with Uniglobe Centre for Entrepreneurship and other local group organized a Dhime Baajan Competition, Cultural Program in Itumbhaa and No-Go Zone in Kilagal.

  • Training Workshop on Solid Waste Management and Municipal Law Formulation Process

    With the objective to sensitize and capacitate the Municipal Planners and policy makers to towards environmental issues, “Two Days Training Workshop on Solid Waste Management and Municipal Law Formulation Process” was held in Thakurdwara, Bardiya. The high level training workshop was jointly chaired by Mayor of Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City Dr. Dhawal Samsher Rana and Mayor of Birendranagar Municipality; Mr. Dev Kumar Subedi. Other distinguished guests including Deputy Mayor of Birendranagar Municipality, Executive Officers of both the municipalities, Division Heads, Ward Presidents and Engineers were also present in the program.

  • Vehicle Free Thamel; Public Perception Survey

    A joint effort of Metropolitan Traffic Police Division and Thamel Tourism Development Council, Tourism entrepreneurs, local activists and local bodies resulted in a remarkable declaration of Thamel as a No-Vehicle Zone from October 22, 2017. Following this historic step, a peaceful and pedestrian friendly environment is being experienced in the vehicle free stretch of Thamel i.e. Prayatan Marg to Saat Ghumti Chowk and Hotel Buddha to JP Chowk on the Chaksibari road.


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